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Our history

From the first moment


WesTrade Telecom was established in 1994 and experienced the entire development of mobile communication from the very first moment. After the NMT networks were replaced by GSM, WesTrade Telecom started her world-wide sales of mobile phones and accessories. The main goal was the build up a network of suppliers and customers that we could successfully cooperate with.

The WesTrade Telecom story indicates how the world-wide telecommunication market has grown. The competitive mobile industry has experienced a revolution through the last two centuries in which a constant increase of technological possibilities and the demand for new products was always noticeable.

Mobile phones currently are more advanced than ever. Throughout the world, people experience the advantages of mobile communication and the possibility to use the GSM as a full photo camera or personal computer. In a world where developments follow each other quicker and quicker every day, the mobile phone offers the chance for a head start. The market of world-wide communication does not have any boundaries. Now the world is getting smaller and international travel and business the standard, mobile communication on world-wide level is the new standard.

WesTrade Telecom now still closely cooperates with different partners that share the dynamic history of telecommunication together.